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Mahakosh is a Maharastra Govt Initiative. The Finance Department of Maharashtra Government began numerous applications under Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS). These all applications websites links are listed on one common website “MahaKosh.” So MahaKosh is just a link portal to point you out to the right site for your requirement.

Following website are included in MahaKosh.

  • BEAMS: Budget Estimation, Allocation & Monitoring System.
  • GRAS: Government Receipt Accounting System.
  • Sevaarth: Employees’ Payroll Package.
  • DCPS: Defined Contribution Pension Scheme.
  • Nivruttivetanwahini: Old Pension Scheme.
  • Vetanika: Pay Verification Unit – Service Book Status.
  • Koshwahini: MIS for Expenditure & Receipts.
  • Arthwahini: Management System for Treasury Net.
Name of the Organization:Maharashtra Finance Department
Type of Facility:Employees' Pay Slip Download

Beams Mahakosh

Beams is a short form of Budget Estimation, Allocation & Monitoring System. It handles assigning budget and approves the expense to different departments. This is all paperless and computer-aided work system. More than that, various departments can also use Beams to assign the budget to their field officers. Once the department receives the funds, they will be notified, and they can do the further process.

  • Govt can cross check the expense against the available amount of budget before departments submit the expenses bills.
  • They can also control the cash flows while keeping in mind the targets which govt select every financial year.
MahaKosh Beams ExpenditureChart

BillPortal Mahakosh

Mahakosh’s BillPortal is Directorate Of Accounts and Treasuries. Govt. of Maharashtra developed it for Drawing and Disbursing Officers.

  • DDOs (Drawing and Disbursing Officers) use BillPortal to generate bills (excluding Pay bills).
  • DDO required filling the information to make a claim. BillPortal process and validate the claim.
  • Final approved claims by DDO is used to make the bill and sent to the treasury.
  • BillPortal is further combined with BEAMS for monitoring budget.

The portal saves each DDO’s Bill History, and it will be available to you if you need. Be sure you have proper login details to log in as this is entirely computerized system and you have to log in to access it. Each bill is divided into following five parts-

  1. Accounting Information.
  2. Core Portion of the bill.
  3. Payee details & certification by DDO.
  4. Space for Treasury, and
  5. Working Space for AG office.

GRAS MahaKosh

GRAS full form is Government receipt accounting system.

Maharashtra Govt’s Finance Department (FD) started taking electronic payments. Now e-payments are also offered with the traditional mode of payments. Various banks in Maharashtra even began accepting online Taxes payment through the internet portals.

Financial Year wise Amount Collected GRAS MahaKosh
  • To use GRAS for text paying, you must need a net-banking account with any of the banks listed below.
  • If you don’t have a bank account, you can pay your tex by visiting the bank counter (with limited Banks which participate in GRAS).
  • GRAS is a 24×7 office so that people can submit their tex anytime of the day or week. This is one of the best benefits of being online
  •  You do not need to fill lengthy forms to send your tex. This is just a single challan (Even On-Line) and only the most important things you need to fill there. No formalities.
  • All the system is computerized, and it will generate online receipts instantly. It will provide bank transaction number immediately without any wait. Amazing feature.
  • It also allows filling tex on the behalf your firm, company as well as your personalized text.

Sevaarth Mahakosh

Sevaarth “Mahakosh” is another web-based application by Government of Maharashtra. It automates the operational activities taken up by the Field offices of the various Department. Sevaarth is a combined system and includes the following 5 modules-

  • Payroll
  • Niwruttivetanwahini (Pension)
  • DCPS & NPS
  • GPF Group-D
  • Loans and Advances

More than the above-mentioned modules, Mahakosh is also combined with the Budget Estimation, Allocation & Monitoring System to track the government expense toward the Salary, Pension etc.

If you if you want to access any of the module related to Sevaarth then you have to login by the login window. Make you used right login details and your roles credentials to access any information.



Koshwahini Mahakosh

This is a smart idea of Government of Maharashtra. District Treasuries & Sub-Treasuries collect data at their level and now this data is processed & turned into useful information at the level of the Directorate. Now here KOSHWAHINI comes in. This programme makes this updated financial information available for various departments of the Maharashtra Government.

Availability of updated financial information is a valuable IT role in Maharashtra’s development.

Arthwahini Mahakosh

Arthwahini is the Integrated Financial Management System of Maharashtra state. There are 3 modules in Arthwahini. You must need a have a login detail to access the website.

  1. Treasurynet management and control module.
  2. Download and upload treasurynet data module.
  3. Master data control module.


Reference to Official Websites:

Mahakosh: Click Here